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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:07 am

Rights of the players

seek assistance from any member of the team appeared in the problem related to the game
to use the commands available to players
to vote for the server places mentioned in the topic

Obligations of players

to use the forum for the purpose of different sections
to use different channels in the game properly
to observe the rules of the site and forum to facilitate problem solving
to use the sites associated with the game before asking for help
to seek help only when a problem
to report bugs
play fair

Prohibitions and penalties:

Players are not entitled to any assistance from a member of the team. If you have noticed this, contact one of the administrators.
Players are not allowed to zagovaryat (whisp-watts of) GM, unless GM is not looking for them yourself or not publicly announced, it can accept. The penalty was mute for 24 hours as more strongly for the ban is 24 hours.
The use of bugs is strictly forbidden.
Strictly prohibits the entry of a person along with a few characters in order to benefit.
Currently no provision for penalties in the above 2 points, despite all the unfair advantages gained by any type will be withdrawn.
The use of any kind hakove. The penalties are as follows:

First catch a hak - ban for 1 weeks and delete the current character
Second - ban for 2 weeks and delete the account with all the characters in
Third - a permanent ban on IP, with deletion of all accounts to the appropriate IP
Undermining the prestige of the server or the team as a direct insult and, arrogant behavior, ridicule, etc. to member of the team shall be punished by a mute for 24 hours of the hero. In repeating proviniliyat crime punishable by a ban IP for 2 weeks.
Any attempt to form a negative opinion or attitude to the server (or the team as a whole), member of the team, guild or player be penalized under the scheme from the point.
Insult to the player is punished with mute for a time, depending on the severity of the crime and recurrence as follows:

First offense - 2 hours
Second offense - 6 hours
Third offense - 12 hours
Fourth offense - 24 hours
Unnecessary spam from any kind whatsoever shall be punished by a mute at the discretion of the GM
The team is still right in violation of the rules periodically to give the most severe penalty - a permanent ban on the IP.

Geymmastar may:

make overall adjustments to the creatures in the game, which includes:

be added / moved / removed
to added / removed magic
to added / removed luut
to change the fraction
to make complete adjustment of the subjects in the game, which includes:

to added / removed magic
to added / removed luut
to change the level
make overall adjustments to the objects in the game, which includes:

be added / moved / removed
to added / removed luut
to change the fraction and type
To mute-or ban-ca ca players with the aim of punishment
add lost items to upload or change levels of skill level and occupation of a player only if the problem is from the server and the player has the necessary evidence - photos
to reboot the server in order to eliminate the problem

Geymmastar may not:

portva to players at a particular place, except in compelling circumstances
to change the level of a player, except in compelling circumstances
to fix broken or partially working magic
to kill a player / npts unless compelling circumstances
do any of the actions of the Administrator described below

Administrator may:

To stop the server
make updates based emulator and
to move characters from one account to another only if good cause
to return lost or created characters only if any problem from the server
return value of the data backup-and


All Geymmastari are Moderators on the forums.
If someone removed my hero himself may not want to vaztanovi or receive compensation in any way!
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Server Rules
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