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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:08 am

No user of the forum and admin and moderator body is not obliged to take a position on any topic. Participation in the forum is voluntary and any action requiring the participation of a user to another was unacceptable. The information in the world of New Genesis is given is not required.

1. The board considers its duty to promote age-old use of the Cyrillic alphabet,
any deviation, respectively, subversion and propaganda that is considered a violation.
User excuses (out of channel row) on this point is not accepted, even rather be treated severely.

2. Writing a New Topic
2.1 New Feature Title: The title of each new theme should be is as a descriptive and consistent with
Forum section which will be placed on the subject. Under "descriptive" means the use of key
problem / question words, but not the expression of the whole question / problem in the title and subtitle.

Duplicate 2.2 Subject: When a user resort to placing a new topic, then it must be
passed through the "search" and be fully convinced that such and such does not yet exist. Etc. "crosspoting"
or placing the same (or similar) topic more than once shall be punished with all the rigor of section 7.

Examples of bad titles include: "Question", "How does this happen," Is this Normal "," 2 vaproscheta "
Items with similar titles are treated in section 7.

2.3 policy: When a user launches new development in a part of the forum, it must comply with the text
thematic focus of the department.
For each specific section of the Forum, there may be additional restrictions pronounced
(required they will be published as' Important Topic at the beginning of the forum)
which put additional restrictions on the subject.

2.4 Author of theme: each user who opens New Feature is its "author". The author of the theme
shall be determined in the opening text theme under discussion, which will lead into the topic.
This may be specifically asked (in this case is the subject and frame the parameters of the search for answers)
determine the problem area (ask object of discussion and time frames or other) or otherwise.
The author of the topic entitled to be paid to the board through Personal Message (or through the "Report")
and wants to change or remove a user to view his theme on the grounds that it is not the theme or
deviates from it. The team shall consider whether the request is reasonable and will take measures at its discretion.

3. Opinion writing: Before you run a New Reply to any question, first make sure
whether it would be beneficial to clarify the issue of distortion vaprosa.Vsyakakvi also be punished and
it not only friction but also by restricting access to the forum.

4. Language and Culture: The discussions in the forums should be kept with respect to consumers and respect
right to another opinion. Induction of coarse disputes and scandals is unacceptable and punishable.
Unethical, rude and ironic attitude towards other users or third parties and institutions will be eliminated
and similar actions will be penalized. Can not be used arguments in the dispute
concerning ethnic, racial, professional, sexual, etc. orientation of the opponent.
Is not desirable within the same topic the same user to repeat their same posts
without changes in the argument. Replays suggest reproach and a desire to drown with shouts discussion.
Placing the duplicate posts in two or more topics is permitted and is also punishable.
Excessive use of means of expres​sion(inarticulate, mezhdumetiya, pictures, emotional icons)
and unjustified use of color and big bold letters - are not allowed.

5. Advertising / Propaganda: expressly prohibited exposure to prejudicial ideologies an object / subject and / or group.
Targeted advertising for a product / ideology / service. Seeking help against a certain fee.
Search / administration / distribution of any illegal information to a group / company / person.

6. Images:
6.1 vulgarity / erotic / violent / racist - images with a similar theme (hidden or fierce).
Any such signs, logos, brands, brochures, etc.

6.2 Avatar / Signature - must comply with section 6.1 (and all prednishni et seq). Do not misuse the opportunities given for thickening and coloring.

7. Actions of the board for breach of the forums Rules:

Any violator of any of these rules may be sanctioned by editing or deleting
topic, opinion or part of the post without warning by the board. Offenders persist in
his deception regarding the Forum and its mission will be sent once warning
Having a private message or enhance "warning level" (Warn%), and then they will be deprived
User rights of a certain period or against them will be taken other administrative measures
at the discretion of the board.

Each User undertakes to comply with these rules through their registration in the Forum.
Of course, participation in forums is voluntary, so the board, taken for granted
that the user is familiar with the rules and samozadalzhava to follow them.

8. Information about restrictions on the forums rules violation: Any User may sanctioned
its discretion to address the board as the only way is through Personal Message
to the moderator / administrator to learn the reasons why he imposed the relevant restriction.
The board is not obliged to explain their actions and motives - this can only be done voluntarily, at its discretion.

9. Proposals Section
Before you make a new proposal, please make sure that this was not done by another player.

As in other sections, and here it is, descriptive titles are required. The more dependent your proposal and the more stylistically is formed, the greater its chance to be addressed. Your proposal must be accompanied by a poll with a clear and specific answer possible. All topics that do not meet these requirements will be locked and subsequently deleted
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Forum Rules
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